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Gary Johnson | Fugu-Fish Publishing
  • Autore: Gary Johnson
  • Editore: Fugu-Fish Publishing
  • I dati pubblicati: 29/06/2018
  • ISBN: 1230002400075
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BOOK ONE - THE GATEWAYTHE SEVEN WORLDSEons ago entities with god-like powers brought together seven worlds, joined them by means of conduits-Gateways-each supplying the next with what it lacked, from a surplus of what that world produced, making life on all seven worlds possible. Then they disappeared. Each world became an individual.THE BROTHERSTwo brothers stumble on the Gateway passing from our world to the next and are endowed with powers beyond comprehension, vital for survival in this hostile and intelligent world where nightmarish creatures feed on the weak.THE WARTitanic battles rage- good against evil, magic against machinery, mortal against immortal. A civil war rages between spirit creatures and a powerful self-proclaimed God. Why is the American government sending an army of mass destruction with the latest military technology through? Time is short, the armies are amassing.And what is the prophecy about scratched on a wall of a prison cell by dying hands?BOOK TWO - THE KEYSTONEWORLD TWOIt is a world of Gods, untamed magic, sorcerers, dragons, vast desert plains, dry valleys and deep ravines, populated by humans and dwarves.THE DARK ARMYA long-dormant kingdom has awoken, sending out dark armies of inhuman beasts, controlled by a Black Keystone of ancient legends. The two races must join together as in times long past, but strong prejudice and hatred now separates them.THE ALLIANCEThe two brothers find themselves between raging battles and join forces with an unlikely alliance of dwarves and humans, sent on a mission to find the mystical Red Keystone, their only means for survival- traveling beyond an immense wall that is protected by symbols that are the answer to an ancient riddle.THE TRUE DRAGONSBut beyond the wall are creatures even more vile, ancient and powerful that have to stay contained at all costs, for the sake of all seven worlds.

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